Sylvester Peck, Sr., Chairman

Sylvester Peck, Sr. was born and raised on his family farm in Jefferson County, Florida. His parents believed in and stressed the value of a good education, the importance of having good character and keeping a good name. Integrity, hard work, and dedication were qualities he internalized through his parents’ teachings and his life experiences and they are qualities he continues to hold dear and exemplify.
As a young man, Mr. Peck attended Jefferson County High School (JCHS) in Monticello, Florida where he participated in school leadership activities such as being an active member of the school’s Student Government Association (SGA). During his tenure in SGA, he represented the entire student body by serving as the Student Government President. During his senior year at Jefferson County High School he also demonstrated his leadership abilities by serving as the Senior Class president. In recognition of his outstanding academic, athletic, and extracurricular accomplishments, the administration, faculty and staff at Jefferson County High School voted him the “Best All Around Student” at JCHS during his senior year.
In addition to being an exemplary student and leader, Mr. Peck also excelled as a student athlete at JCHS, participating in both football and track throughout his entire high school career. He was a four year track and field athlete, earning an assortment of first, second and third place ribbons and a multitude of other awards including the “Most Outstanding Track” Award during his senior year.
In addition to being a star track and field athlete, Mr. Peck also played football throughout his entire high school career and made the varsity football team as a freshman, consistently starting for three years while on the varsity football team. In recognition of his leadership and athletic capabilities, he was named team captain for the varsity football team in both his junior and senior years at JCHS. Adding to his accumulation of accolades, Mr. Peck was named the “Most Valuable Player” in football during his senior year and received a football scholarship to Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas. Due to family obligations he later transferred to Florida A&M University (FAMU) in Tallahassee, Florida under Coach Rudy Hubbard.
Mr. Peck graduated from FAMU with degrees in Fine Arts and Art Education, minoring in Humanities and Graphic Arts. He was offered a teaching and football coaching position in Miami, Florida but instead chose to work in the Printing and Publishing Industry with The Printing House/Homes & Land Publishing, Inc. (TPH/H&L) which, at the time, was the largest Real Estate Publishing Company in America.
While employed at The Printing House/Homes & Land, Mr. Peck received training in Total Quality Management (TQM) from the 3M Corporation and later earned a TQM consultant certification from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Also while at the Printing House/Homes & Land, he served on occasion as the FAMU SBI Industry Cluster Representative for The Printing House/Homes & Land, Inc.
Mr. Peck has been teaching in the public school system for over 22 years. Before coming to FAMU High, he taught school at Howard Middle School in Jefferson, County, and Greenville Middle School in Madison County, Florida. He also worked as a coach/substitute teacher at James A. Shanks High in Gadsden County, Florida and serves on the Boards of Directors for two organizations: Piper Davis Baseball, LLC (Birmingham, Alabama) and Rockhead Synergy, LLC. (Tallahassee, Florida). In addition, Mr. Peck has owned and operated several successful businesses utilizing the Principles of Quality Improvement, principles he also incorporates in his instruction to his students.
Demonstrating his belief in continuing education and growth, Mr. Peck earned a Master’s Degree in Sports Management. Currently he is completing a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at FAMU.
He has been married to the lovely Evelyn Graham Peck for 28 wonderful years and they have one amazing son, a beautiful, brilliant granddaughter, a wonderful adopted daughter, and a host of children who call the Peck home their home and safe haven.

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