Executive Board

Fred Plump, Executive Director           

Terri Sewell, Congresswoman            

Dennis O. Driver, MLB                          

Tom McCraw, MLB                                

Lamar Johnson, MLB                            

Nate Oliver, MLB                                   

Mookie Wilson, MLB                           

Andrew Dixon, MLB                              

Rafael Skeete, MLB                               

Stanley Stubbs, Coach                        

Bill Dawson                                            

Buddy Foster                                        

Dr. Henry White                                    

Rod Scott, AL House of Rep.               


Board of Directors

Sylvester Peck, Chairman, FL.           

Ricky Adams, Vice Chair. MD.            

LaSondra Rowel, Secretary, AL         

Gene Tate, NV.                                    

Janice Johnson, FL.                              

Carl Nottage, BA                                  

Robert Jenkins, IL                                

Charles Todd Henderson, AL            

Andre Rabouin, TX.                              

Mike Higgingbotham, MD.                 

Chuck Ford, MD.                                  

Gerald Hall, Sr., DC.                             

Ruffin Bell, MD.                                    

Jorge Alberto Roque, LA .                    

Norm Taylor, MI.                                  

Morris Cunningham, AL.                     

Robert Goerge  AL.                              

Latesha Cady                                        

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